Today I was over it by 08:40 am

Today I was over it by 08:40 am.  With two children successfully in school and one refusing to come down from his high-rise bed, I was officially over it. Every morning is a struggle at the moment.  My mainstream child is simply a dream when it comes to school. Thankfully.  He gets his homework done on time, he gets up every morning on time and in the entire time of being at secondary school, two years, he has missed the bus once.  Praise the Lord for that child.  I mean don’t get me wrong, he has other things that drive me bonkers,…


ADHD and Pre-school Children

Parenting a pre-school child is damn hard, (to be fair parenting full stop is damn hard!).  Their short attention spans and energy levels leave any parent exhausted. But when should you be concerned that maybe you are not just dealing with a child full of beans and the dreaded ‘terrible twos’ and that maybe it is something more? Maybe it is ADHD? Symptoms of ADHD and Pre-school Children Let us look at the symptoms of ADHD in school-age children to start: Inability to stay focussed on one activity. Difficulty completing a task before moving on to another; bored or frustrated by it.…


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