Is ADHD a Learning Disability?

In the UK, ADHD is not considered a learning disability. More a learning difficulty due to the symptoms that ADHD causes a child such as focus issues, poor organisational skills and attention difficulties. These challenges can make it tough for students to focus on tasks and assignments in a classroom setting, resulting in lower academic performance overall. Learning Disorders or Disabilities are neurological, making reading, writing, spelling and maths difficult. Just for clarification, a disorder is a medical term whilst a disability is a legal term and are often used interchangeably depending on the context. Learning disabilities are not due to vision…


ADHD and Dyspraxia in Children

ADHD and dyspraxia are both neurodevelopmental disorders. ADHD is a condition that affects focus, attention, and impulsivity. Dyspraxia (also known as DCD, Developmental Coordination Disorder) is a condition that affects fine and gross motor skills, coordination and movement. It is often referred to as a "motor learning disability." This means that it can be difficult for people with dyspraxia to learn new motor skills, or to execute previously learned motor skills. Dyspraxia can occur in isolation, or it can be comorbid with other conditions, such as ADHD. In fact, research suggests that ADHD and dyspraxia often co-occur. One study found that 36…


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