Six things I hate about ADHD

Maybe I shouldn’t have titled this blog post ‘Things I hate about ADHD’?  It’s not actually things I hate about ADHD, it’s more things I hate concerning ADHD.  I feel like I’m about to have a real moan today. I need a vent and I think you will get where I am coming from! ADHD Diagnosis Drowning in ADHD paperwork How difficult is it to get a diagnosis?!  I get that you must make sure it’s nothing else and that specialists don’t want to diagnose too early. But the amount of paperwork involved is beyond ridiculous. There must be an easier way?…


What is ADHD?

We hear the ADHD term so often. To be honest, before kids, I thought ADHD was linked to ASBO’s or Anti-Social Behaviour Order (insert ashamed face).  I mean be fair, they start with the same initial… So, what is ADHD, or its full name Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder?  Well, as the name suggests, ADHD falls into two categories.  There is the inattention aspect and the hyperactivity and impulsiveness side.  Many people have both hence ADHD.  ADD, on the other hand, Attention Deficit Disorder, can often go unnoticed as the symptoms are far less obvious.  Children with ADHD have often been called the…


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