Top 8 Myths about ADHD

Have you ever encountered the numerous myths surrounding ADHD since starting your journey with your child? How many false stories and fabricated news articles that exist about this condition is astounding. Regrettably, some individuals, who lack expertise on the subject but think they are the guru of it, tend to believe and repeat these misconceptions. They may even recite them to you at any given chance *insert eye roll. Therefore, I have compiled a list of the top 8 myths about ADHD that I have come across. 1. ADHD is not real Oh, how adorably ignorant it is to claim that ADHD…

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8 things a parent of a child with ADHD will have had!

I can pretty much guarantee that if you are a parent/carer of a child/children with ADHD you will have had the majority of these eight things! Let me know which ones resonate! 8 things a parent of a child with ADHD will have had: 1. Rubbish Advice Love a bit of well-meaning advice. Often well-meaning, this advice can be anything from cut out dairy, bathing in salt water, giving certain vitamins, pillows, bed positioning to stand on one leg whilst hopping with a boiled egg on your head chanting.  Ok, maybe not the last one but you get the picture.  It’s so…


Inattentive ADHD in Children

Inattentive ADHD in children, previously termed ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder), indicates that the child does not suffer from the hyperactivity side of ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder). Many children go undiagnosed because they are not the 'stereotypical' ADHD child, buzzing around like Tigger. However, Inattentive ADHD is serious and debilitating, and, frustratingly, often overlooked. What is ADHD? There are three subtypes of ADHD: · Hyperactive and Impulsive · Inattentive (ADD) · Combined type ADHD ADHD is a neurological condition that varies in severity from child to child, often making ADHD diagnosis difficult. My son and daughter both have ADHD, but my daughter’s…


Six things I hate about ADHD

Maybe I shouldn’t have titled this blog post ‘Things I hate about ADHD’?  It’s not actually things I hate about ADHD, it’s more things I hate concerning ADHD.  I feel like I’m about to have a real moan today. I need a vent and I think you will get where I am coming from! ADHD Diagnosis Drowning in ADHD paperwork How difficult is it to get a diagnosis?!  I get that you must make sure it’s nothing else and that specialists don’t want to diagnose too early. But the amount of paperwork involved is beyond ridiculous. There must be an easier way?…


Does my child have ADHD?

Does my child have ADHD? The term ADHD is thrown around so much these days. It seems everyone has it!  But, what if you really do think, ‘Does my child have ADHD?’  How can you know for sure?  There is a fair bit of conflicting information, largely due to the fact that ADHD can have some very individual presentations whilst roughly following a similar theme if that indeed makes sense?  Added to this girls and boys can ‘show’ very differently, and then, in the case of my daughter, for example, she presents as a boy when it comes to ADHD.  Confused?  I…

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What is ADHD?

We hear the ADHD term so often. To be honest, before kids, I thought ADHD was linked to ASBO’s or Anti-Social Behaviour Order (insert ashamed face).  I mean be fair, they start with the same initial… So, what is ADHD, or its full name Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder?  Well, as the name suggests, ADHD falls into two categories.  There is the inattention aspect and the hyperactivity and impulsiveness side.  Many people have both hence ADHD.  ADD, on the other hand, Attention Deficit Disorder, can often go unnoticed as the symptoms are far less obvious.  Children with ADHD have often been called the…


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