ADHD in children and ‘bad’ behaviour

I hate when children with ADHD are labelled as ‘naughty’ or ‘bad’ children.  I literally want to scream from the rooftops that their behaviour is normal for ADHD.  That their behaviour is their way of communicating what they are feeling.  For our children with ADHD, they have difficulties with impulse control.  Toddlers do for example.  They will throw themselves on the floor when they have simply had enough.  Sometimes when I have had enough, I would like to do this and thrash about a little, but luckily for me, I have impulse control and I can recognise that this would be inappropriate. …


The ADHD Brain

ADHD is a neurodevelopmental disorder.  I wish more people understood this.  Simply put it is associated with how the brain develops through childhood.  Research has shown fundamental differences in the brains of people with and without ADHD.  The ADHD Brain is both physically and structurally different.  I was so interested in this that I wanted to know in what ways, and if you do too, please read on! Brain Imaging ADHD Brain Brain imaging is the best way to ‘see’ the brain.  Today we can not only ‘see’ the brain but also watch it in action, incredible. fMRI - Functional Magnetic Resonance…


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