Emotionally Based School Avoidance (EBSA) and ADHD

School avoidance can affect many students for various reasons but with our children with ADHD, it is extremely commonplace. Previously termed School Refusal the correct term is now Emotionally Based School Avoidance (EBSA). I prefer this term as it highlights the fact that the child is experiencing emotional distress about attending school, rather than simply refusing. (EBSA excludes physical illnesses preventing a child from attending school, truancy or parent-condoned absences). I work with a few children who experience EBSA, and watching their struggle can be heartbreaking. Another set of initials that affect our children with ADHD. Signs of Emotionally Based School Avoidance,…


ADHD: Mainstream or Specialist School?

Have you ever had to make the difficult decision of choosing a school setting, mainstream or specialist, for your child with ADHD who has an EHCP? If so, you are not alone. This is a common challenge that many parents face. An EHCP, or Education, Health and Care Plan, is a legal document that outlines the special educational needs of a child and the support they require. When creating an EHCP, parents are often asked to specify the school setting that would best suit their child's needs. This decision can be particularly challenging because it requires careful consideration of various factors, such…


ADHD in Schools

As we know, our children with ADHD generally have difficulties with attention, impulsivity, hyperactivity and time management/planning. These are all the things that are required to thrive in a mainstream school! I've used this analogy in a previous blog, but if your child was in a wheelchair, no one would expect to have to battle to get a ramp installed or wait years for this to happen. Yet a few simple adjustments to a mainstream school could really help our children and do not affect or impact the learning of the other students. Sitting still is probably the first obstacle, our kids…


ADHD in the Early Years (EYFS)– Strategies to help in class

Reception is the first year of primary school in England and Wales. It is considered the final segment of EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage).  It comes after nursery and before Year 1.  Pupils in reception are aged four to five years old.  Your child must attend school from the beginning of the school year following their fifth birthday.  Regardless of the month they were born, they will start in the September. Therefore, some pupils will be nearly a year behind others.  A year at this age is quite noticeable!  It is not like 30 and 31, it is a massive gap!  This…


Can a child with ADHD be successful in school?

The answer to whether your child with ADHD can be successful in school is YES! Ok, so most children with ADHD, Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder, will generally have issues within the classroom setting.  The name suggests that their attention span is shorter. In actual fact, they have difficulty with attention be it hyperfocussing or unable to focus due to distraction or boredom. It can be so hard to keep them engaged.  Kids with ADHD may have trouble with: Why am I here?? Starting on a task Managing their time Focusing on what is important in the task Following directions correctly Changing their…


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